We are boutique drinks producer and produce a range of rum mixed with our favourite flavours.

Welcome to Rude Drinks

My fam and I were sat around drinking rum and pineapple, I loved it and thought why is no one making anything like this? Other than flavoured ciders and craft beers, there isn't  much choice for spirit and mixer type drinks, especially mixed with anything other than cola or tonic. The choice of spirit and mixer is limited. 

After playing around with rums and the best mixers I could find, small batches were made and recipes tested. we had to make it and bottle by hand. Once we knew we had the product with that just poured quality, we put in our favourite bars, restaurants and local shops.

The demand grew and my brothers stepped into help, spending their time producing and distributing. In order to start a business partnerships were created to get the skills and resources needed.

Our team has grown now with 9 people working towards getting Rude Drinks to you.

Taking inspiration from some of my favourite brands I want to create a brand and range that you will not only like but love and want to be a part of. Follow our journey and lets see what happens now.

Duane Bryan

Our Goals

Our mission is to enjoy what we do and hit sales targets so we can continue to do so! 

Build our distribution75%
Build our team80%
Product development97%
Love what we do99%


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